Iterations: Creativity App

By Labs


A creativity app that can help people with their iterative creative process.


Iterations is a new way to help you generate ideas.

Creative methodologies usually combine divergent thinking (applying a stimulus to generate potential outcomes) and convergent thinking (bringing facts and data together and applying logic).

Iterations help divergent thinking by giving suggestions on how to process the output. They work as a set of guitar effect pedals to your process. There is an input, a set of ambiguous instructions that can be applied to this input, and an undetermined output created by these effects.

In layman’s terms: you sketch an idea, then draw a card. Then draw a new sketch based around your interpretation of what the card says. Then draw another card. Sketch another new sketch based on what the card says. And repeat. The results can lead iterative sketching down new and innovative paths not normally reached through standard idea generation.

Introducing Sparkwood Labs

By Labs

Hi. We’ve just put the finishing touches to the Sparkwood Labs, and it has finally gone live.

What are the Sparkwood Labs we hear you ask? Well, the Sparkwood Labs is where we develop resources and tools for game developers and creatives.

Why? Well, We’re glad you asked. We’re trying to build and create an ethical and sustainable business model and part of that model means we probably have to restrict access to the code of our games in order to make them financially viable. Which is a shame.

Instead most of the the tools and resources that we build to help us develop our games are going to be released as FLOSS / Open Source and stuck up onto our GitHub for whomever finds them useful.

It’s one of the things we’re trying to do to make sure we’re supporting our community.

We hope it helps.

Sparkwood and 21

We turn damn fine coffee into games in an ethical and sustainable way.

Play our games.

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